Being in the right mindset

poker-ladySome bad mindsets include:

• the need to win at all costs
• the need to gamble
• drunkeness
• tiredness
• preoccupation with personal issues
• lack of focus and fitness
• the urge to play poker to impress someone

The intangible mental aspects of poker are the hardest thing to teach as a poker coach. In fact, I don’t know how to help someone beyond common sense advice. The difficulty in teaching this to a student is that the problem isn’t that the student doesn’t know that playing drunk is a bad idea, it’s that there is an impulse control issue.

Noting that, here is something to consider next time you want to stay up playing until six in the morning because the “games are so good.” Research from Duke University found that, “These subjects also displayed decreased activity in the anterior insula, which focuses on negative outcomes, so that whereas well-rested people generally look to minimize losses, sleep-deprived individuals may instead seek to maximize gain.”

There was also some bad news for me, an avid monster drinker, “If you are tired, caffeine may boost your attention, but this will not necessarily change your evaluation.”

Controlling impulses to play while in a poor mindset is only part of the solution. Maximizing the amount of time you are in a positive mindset is also very important to continued success in poker.

Read the Elements of Poker. The chapters about the mental aspects of poker are unparalleled in any other poker book (or any other resource) that I have ever read. It completely reframed the way I thought about poker.

Another aspect that will help any poker player is to be physically fit, not just mentally, in fact the two sides are intertwined. Your mental ability to focus and concentrate depends to a large extent to your physical ability to sustain pressure and fatigue. This is why often the good players are athletic, or if not at least they are slim.

So if you are currently overweight it is time to think about dieting or using healthy natural supplements, including garcinia cambogia which is the number one weight loss program in the world. One of the main advantages of this product is that it is one hundred percent natural, unlike many other products in the market.

The game of poker is a mental game, and your mental depends on your body. With a strong body you will not get tired so fast, in fact your opponents will get tired before you and this is where the big money is: playing against an opponent who is not totally concentrated on the game. So hit the gym, diet and lose weight, and you will make more money on the felt.

Become an advanced poker player

Recently I have come across an add-on of Hold’em Manager, which has the name Leak Buster. I supposed that it is a kind of a training program for analyzing my leaks and I was not mistaken. First of all I decided to pass through a trial period before purchasing it. And I should say I was really impressed by a detailed explanation of each step of my playing and the good pieces of advice. I understood the algorithm and method, which I should follow to fix all my leaks.

The process of training, provided by Leak Buster is rather interesting to follow. There are many helpful videos, which you can watch at any time you need to analyze your game and make conclusions and determine areas of improvement. I play mostly at Titan Poker and I can say that since I use this program my win ratio has improved.

Every video is accompanied by the filters, which allow you to try your hand at more serious competitions and decide if you are ready to make your game really profitable.

HUD projector helps to check your statistics and receive the results in a special window on your playing table.
This poker analysis software provides you with more information concerning the history of your hands, your game statistics and the mistakes you need to correct in order to improve your results. So, you will learn to think over your every step analytically when playing in spite of paying attention to your emotions and evaluate your chances to win a hand.

It turned out to be a valuable poker analysis software, especially for beginners and those who want to raise their playing to a higher level. With Poker Leak Buster I have got a wonderful opportunity to find out what is going bad in my play, locate my worse leaks, correct them and continue playing in the right direction so I can move to the next level at my favorite room Titan Poker.

Rule to save money at poker

If you raise pre flop with a big Ace, and you pair your ace on the flop or the turn, don’t go to war on the turn with just a pair of aces. If someone raises you on the turn, just call them down. Your pair of aces is a naked hand. Everyone knows what you have, or at least strongly suspect it. So if they are raising you on the turn, they are representing strength to rival top pair top kicker.

This holds regardless of how good the player is. They can be the loosest bluffing maniac, but when they raise you on an ace-high board be careful. Even nut cases have hands, and the nutcases who know what they are doing are just waiting for the opportunity to crack your AK wide open. Don’t give them the satisfaction of going nuts with them.

As this scenario occurs often, by following this simple rule, you are guaranteed to save money, as you want to invest less in the pot in such instance. You will always see this happening at mid or high stake tables at big sites such as Party Poker. If you have not yet registered, use this Party Poker Bonus Code. They really have games at all stakes, from the micro limits to the ultra high limits, that are the highest on the Internet with pots sometimes over one million dollars.

The point of this article is second level thinking and third level thinking. If your opponent raises you, so it means he has pretty much pinned down your hand range. This is second level thinking, in other words what does your opponent think you have. In obvious situations like this one with clear second thinking, it is usually better to give up the hand than to take a chance. A bluff in this spot only would occur at the high stakes, as this would be fourth level thinking.

Back on track

poker girlBefore I said something along the lines of I’m done with shorthanded limit ring tables. I know I said it to myself after a big losing session. Well, like so many times before, I didn’t listen to myself. I’ve been playing basically only heads-up and short/6-handed limit ring tables. Since my last post, I started off nicely, but then ran into a rough patch where I lost $147.50 in 8 sessions. But ever since then, I’ve won $296 in 21 session, including only 3 losing sessions.

At one point, I was down to around $1860 which was $200 down from my previous high. I’ve completely reversed my losing streak by getting back to exactly where I was when it started. Along with the ring tables, I’ve played three different tournaments.

One was just a $3.30 where I couldn’t get any cards at all and was eliminated after an hour or so. The second was the $33 THF B-Day Bash. I thought I was going to be able to play this, but I got stuck in traffic for 1 hour and 30 minutes, making a normal 30 minute drive 2 hours long. This made me an hour late for the game, and when I got into it, I was down to 340 chips and 75/150 blinds. I was able to wait for an ace, A8o I believe, but I ran into 44 and could never hit.

After that, I saw a $55 MTT coming up on PS. I don’t think I’ve played a tournament with this high of a buy-in, but I really wanted to try it out, so I played. I had already won more than $55 at the ring tables that day, so it wasn’t going to hurt my bankroll in any way. I could never really get things going in this game. I wasn’t getting that many good cards. Whenever I did get something, like AK, AQ or JJ, I would either raise small preflop and just win blinds, or raise fairly small, get a call, and miss the board completely with someone betting hard into me.

So things just didn’t go well and it wasn’t my day. I think I was basically crippled when my AK ran into JJ (all-in preflop which was fairly silly I guess), but I couldn’t hit and was left with about 400 chips. I couldn’t double-up even once from there and was eliminated after about one hour.

Today has been fairly decent, though short. I had a $50 winning session at $2/$4 which started off as a heads-up match at a 10-man table, then evolved into 4-5 handed for a while and finally a full table by the time I left. I played well to start off, and did something I usually don’t, which is win at the beginning. I never got down in money which is always good for the confidence. I was up $23 when I was just about to leave because the table had just filled up (even though there were only 5 players in the next hand) when I got QdJs.

I raised preflop which is a so-so play for short-handed. I got reraised by the button which was not too pleasant. Flop came QsAsTs. I check/called with middle pair and a straight and flush draw. The turn brought the wonderful Ks, giving me a royal flush. I check/raised then bet the river and was able to get the preflop reraiser to call me to showdown with 77 and a 7 high flush. I took down a nice pot and left up $50.

That leaves me where I am right now. I don’t think I’ll be playing much for the rest of the day, as I’ve got some things to do. Like many of the past weeks, I probably won’t play much until next weekend when I’ve got some spare time. I’m very pleased with where I am right now. I’m not sure if I’ll be making the switch to full tables any time soon. I know I probably should, but right now, I’m enjoying myself with heads-up and short handed.

It is much more exciting, and I’m more involved in the action. Plus, I’m on a nice winning streak, so everything is going well. I’m trying to stay at $2/$4, but I have ventured out to $3/$6 and $5/$10. Anyways, I have become completely comfortable at $2/$4, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to $1/$2 anymore.

I have finally given up on short handed tables and moved back to the full limit tables. This move came after a one day event one week ago in which I lost $186 in 6 sessions. Only two of those were winning sessions and the losing sessions were big losers. I told myself I was done, but two days after that, I tried to vindicate my losses and tried it out again. I lost $67. Once again, I told myself I was done with shorthanded. I wasn’t exactly finished there.

I played for 4 more days with 8 sessions total, only two losing sessions combining just $7.75 between the two and making $86.25 back. The thing with most of those sessions was I lost big and early but was able to fight back in each session, unlike the previous day where nothing went right. The two latter sessions in this line started off as heads-up at a 10-man table and eventually became a full 10-man table. This is was transitioned me back to full limit tables. Again, in these two sessions, I lost big at short handed play, but was able to make it back up at the full table.

I finally sat down at a full table for the first time in a long while. Like so many sessions, I did not start off well at all, getting rivered twice in two big losses. I was down about $45 a few times, but was able to fight back and make a profit of $22.50. It’s not much money at all, only a little over 5.5 BB, but it was nice to show any sort of profit after being down a good amount. The things I could and did do at this full table is what I like so much more than the short handed tables. I was actually able to steal pots instead of having players call my preflop raises with junk hands and then calling to showdown with bottom pair when I miss my over cards.

I was able to steal blinds and win pots preflop, which is almost unheard of at short handed tables. I was patient and very aggressive. I loosened up a bit from my previous ultra-tight style that I played before going to short handed tables. That might have been why I was so bored at full tables. I was waiting for only premium hands and not trying out different cards in hopes of seeing a cheap flop and hitting a big hand. I lost some big pots with big hands, which would have crushed me mentally and monetarily with my previous style, but here I was able to win some big pots with small hands, so it kind of evens out.

I think I will be able to stick to the $2/$4 10-man tables. I’m going to really try to stay away from heads-up and 6-handed. I do get the urges often, but I think it’s best to just stay away. If I get some time, I’ll through in a few MTTs, but I won’t be focusing in on them.

I’m still down about $180 from my previous bankroll high of $2130, but no worries there. I feel some good luck and good sessions coming on.

Johnny Lodden

It seems like a distant memory but only a few years ago Johnny Lodden was one of poker’s biggest stars.

The Norwegian once held the record for the biggest pot ever won in an internet poker game and he eventually found himself on the wrong side of that record, which seemed to be his downfall. In recent years Lodden has rebuilt his poker career by becoming a member of Team PokerStars Pro, and is also a regular on the European live tournament circuit. In this article we take a look at how Lodden became one of the biggest winners in online poker and why he has left the high-stakes games behind to focus on live tournaments.

As mentioned, Lodden is a Norwegian and was born in a coastal town called Jorpeland in 1985. His first interest in poker came when he was a teenager and was introduced to the online game by a friend from school. For several months Lodden sat with his friend, watching him play Limit Hold’em and then eventually created his own account. Lodden became a regular on various European poker sites, most notably the Prima Poker network which is where he built his bankroll primarily from playing cash games and sit-and-goes.

As he ground his bankroll into thousands he began playing the highest stakes games available.

This included the notorious $5,000 heads-up sit-and-goes on PokerStars where Lodden reportedly won hundreds of thousands under his alias ‘Lars-Magne’. Meanwhile on the Prima Poker network he was crushing the high stakes cash games which at that time were the highest available online – $200/$400 NLHE Heads-Up.

Under his alias ‘bad_ip’, Lodden held the record for the biggest pot won in online poker which was worth $357,256 and he won it from ‘I_Grind_on_u’. However, in June 2006 he found himself on the losing end of this record after ‘Fast_Freddie’ won a pot against him worth $465,461. 2006 also saw Lodden make his first appearance on the European Poker Tour circuit and saw him cash in two events for around $35,000.

In 2007 Lodden continued to participate in European Poker Tour events, cashing in three events for just under $60,000. His best result was at the EPT Dortmund where he just missed out on the final table, finishing in 13th place. He also managed to finish 5th in the William Hill Poker Grand Prix II for $68,541 which at this point of his live tournament career was his biggest cash. His previous biggest cash at this point was a second-place finish in the 2005 Swedish No-Limit Hold’em Championships which earned him $55,225. While things were on the up in his live tournament results, he was suffering from a major downswing in online cash games.

In 2008 Lodden announced that he was in fact broke due to suffering such severe online losses. This wasn’t the end of Lodden though; he accepted a stake from a close friend and began grinding online again – this time at the $25/$50 NLHE games instead of the $300/$600 NLHE heads-up games which cost him his bankroll. Lodden has since stated that he won’t play such high stakes again because the swings are ‘too sick’.

Despite losing his entire bankroll in internet poker cash games, 2008 was the best year to date for Lodden and saw him win $278,713 from live tournaments. In April 2008 Lodden yet again missed out on an EPT final-table, this time in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo where he finished in 17th-place for $73,263. In September 2008 Lodden made the trip to London for the World Series of Poker where he entered the £10,000 Main Event. Yet again Lodden would miss out on the final table, this time he finished 11th for his biggest cash to date – $98,756. Despite failing to make the final table this cash earned Lodden a lot of exposure and with EPT events upcoming, PokerStars stepped in and signed him to a two-tournament sponsorship deal.

His first tournament representing PokerStars was EPT Budapest in 2008 and finally he made the final-table after coming so close in past attempts. Lodden overcame a field of 532 entrants to finish 8th in the event for $66,577. His second tournament under PokerStars sponsorship was EPT Prague and he cashed yet again, this time 43rd-place for $10,647. These two results impressed PokerStars so much that they signed him and made him part of Team PokerStars Pro. Lodden finished off the year with another impressive result, this time 6th-place finish at the Spanish Poker Tour Grand Final for $15,924.

In 2009 Lodden kept a quieter profile, only cashing in three live tournaments for a combined $32,509. As well as this he continued playing online, mainly at the mid-stakes cash games and the big Sunday tournaments. In November 2009 Lodden made the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million, finishing 5th for $72,000. Despite this cash, Lodden is reportedly almost broke due to betting on sports as well as having a poor run on the poker tables. Only time will tell if Lodden can rebuild his bankroll, and you can watch him play on PokerStars where he now plays under the screen name ‘johnnylodden’.

Bodog becomes Bovada

Bodog Poker, one of the best known online poker companies in the United States made public during the summer of last year their plans for their operations in that country. Bodog announced that they would be re-branding their company name. By December 14, Bodog Poker got the wheels going for the switch to the new name – Bovada. The name is a play on the combination of Bodog and Nevada.

Bodog informatively sent out an email to all of their players about the transition. The email specifically stated that their current license agreement with MMGG (Morris Mohawk Gaming Group) will expire by the year’s end. Because of this, they will discontinue all services on the website. Also stated is that MMGG is still being retained as their official licensing agent although they would now be offering their services under the new website

All of the customer’s accounts are not affected and would automatically be transferred to the new site. An overnight outage completed the transitioning, and the new website was up and working on December 14, 2011 at 11:00 in the morning. The new site is licensed by the KGC (Kahnawake Gaming Commission) in Canada.

Aside from a new name, they also have a new website which now has a more flamboyant layout. They have also updated their software which now offers a lot more new features. There are also reportedly a lot more bonuses and promotions with the new site. On the other hand, their software is still provided and managed by RTG (Real Time Gaming). The new Bovada accepts US players only.

Overall, Bovada is now the new website for US players only, although Bodog still operates which is licensed in the Philippines for the market in Asia, and which is hosted in the United Kingdom.

WPT Poker Bonus Code Gets You Into The Big Time

It is inevitable that some people will look for the big names in the online community because there is a sense that these names can be trusted. There is something comforting and familiar about a recognisable brand and this can help people feel more relaxed and happy with handing over details or providing money. This is definitely the case when it comes to online poker sites and one of the biggest names in the industry has to be WPT Poker. This makes a WPT Poker bonus code a great thing to have at your disposal.

You already know that the WPT Poker site is one that you can trust so the availability of a WPT Poker bonus code is only going to make the site even more favourable. After all, the use of a bonus code means you do not have to spend too much of your own money to examine the site and this should help poker players to really examine what is on offer. It is likely that most players will be happy with what the WPT has on offer but it never hurts to give it a personal once over.

Take on the big names in poker

One of the biggest incentives for joining up with the WPT site, aside from the WPT Poker bonus code, comes in the fact that many of the big names in the world of poker play on the site. Some poker players make money their primary objective when it comes to playing but can you imagine how you would feel if you were to get one over a world famous poker player? That is the sort of experience that money cannot buy so being able to square off against some of the biggest names in the games has to be seen as a tremendous thing.

The majority of times in poker, the more talented player will win out but there are matchups and evenings where the luck falls the right way and anything can happen. Being a player at the WPT Poker site can help you be in the right place at the right time when lightning decides to strike.

Develop your skills by watching and learning

If you are new to the world of poker, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed by everything that is on offer but this is where the poker bonus code can help you get to grips with everything you need to know. Using the bonus money to get to know the site and the games on offer is an inexpensive way to study the game and the way that other players perform. Being able to understand why certain players made decisions is a great way to develop your online poker skills and with the WPT Poker bonus code, you should be able to do this without spending too much money.

The link with WPT is a ringing endorsement for the site but anyone looking for further information need only have a look for themselves. This is where the WPT Poker bonus code will provide you with everything you need to know.

Why Slots Tournaments are Fantastic

This article is a must read for all of you slots fans out there who love playing online slots but haven’t yet taken the plunge and joined a slots tournament. Perhaps this is because you are not really familiar with what a slots tournament is? Well slots tournaments are where you play slots but against other players at a designated time determined by the casino and for a set amount of money, namely the entry fee. Some casinos are even generous enough to hold free tournaments so remember to look out for these as they are a great opportunity to play slots for free.

Slots tournaments have a number of advantages over playing traditional slots. For example, you can let that competitive streak inside you out to have some fun! We all love winning but its nice to beat other people from time to time and get that adrenalin going as well as to win some lovely money for ourselves. Slots tournaments also have set entry fees so if the worst case scenario happens and we do lose at least we only lose what we can afford to and we don’t risk getting carried away. They are usually also held over long periods of time, for example three days so you don’t have to be glued to your computer the entire time. You could simple log in and out whenever you felt like it and had some spare time. If you haven’t give tournaments a shot yet then its definitely time to give them a go. Especially, when it comes to free tournaments as you literally have nothing to lose

Top 5 Reasons to Play Bingo Online

If you haven’t already joined the growing phenomenon that is online bingo than you should! Online bingo is full of thousand pound jackpot prizes, online communities and promotions which can earn you more than the average UK salary overnight or win you a free holiday with VIP shopping vouchers.

Even if you’re not personally interested in playing bingo, I know tons of other people (not just women) that have been inculcated into the steady flow of promotions and excitement.

The funny thing is that 90 ball bingo games and live games have been popular for hundreds of years – all the way back to the 19th century in fact! However, since the Second World War and the legislation of bingo halls in the 1960s live bingo has become far more popular with brands such as Mecca Bingo (owned by the Rank Group) and Gala Bingo (owned by Coral Gala) being the main providers.

Each of these groups run more than 30 bingo halls in the UK at all of the major cities, Players can meet new people, bring their friends, have a good time and win prizes worth up to a staggering £1 million.

Since around 2004/5, a lot of gambling operators and live bingo halls began launching their sites online. This allowed bingo players to play online bingo games for real money on the Internet for the first ever time. Although it’s true that the first ever online bingo game was made as far back as the late 1990s, it wasn’t until around 2005 that the massive UK bingo sites such as Foxy bingo, William Hill Bingo and Paddy Power Bingo boomed.

Most UK bookmakers and casinos like William Hill and Betfair (which were started in 2002/3) only recently added a bingo section to their website too. The increase in all these rooms and competition for attract players has given bingo a real BOOM in the UK. More bingo TV adverts, posters and marketing campaigns have helped increase growth in the industry to more than 10% per annum. Bingo is also spreading through Europe in countries such as Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.

In the UK alone, the online bingo market is now worth more than £1 billion. Obviously you’ll be aware that most of this is made up from women (70%+ in fact) and bingo makes up the highest leisure activity for females aged between 25 and 35.

The reasons for bingo’s popularity are multiple. To begin with, bingo has been around for ages anyway and has provided an exciting social activity for women. Bingo games were also organised quite a lot as fund raising events by the Catholic Church. The association between the Catholic Church and bingo is probably why it has a less tainted image in comparison to other forms of gambling like casino and poker.

New bingo players can enjoy it straight away because of its simplicity and cheap ticket prices. Regardless of which type of game or site you’re playing at, 75 ball, 90 ball and 80 ball games all have incredibly straight forward rules. It would literally take a new player a few minutes to learn the rules for each game. But the auto-dauber feature on bingo sites means that even if you don’t know the rules it doesn’t matter that much. The auto-dauber feature will automatically alert you if you win the prize which means you have zero chance of making a mistake or missing something!

Online Slot Machines

Online slot machines are an important part of every casino found on the web.

They work in a similar manner as the ones found in any land-based casino. From the time that they first appeared, a lot of changes and innovations have been carried out on online slot machines. This is due to all the hard work put in by the creative team at every online casino. The online casinos need to do this, as there is tremendous competition between all online casinos. Thus the casino with the best display for its online slot machines will always manage to attract a large number of players compared to the other less enticing ones.

Players have also preferred the online slot machines with innovations as they need to regularly experience something new instead of watching the same old graphics when they play online. Any player should use computers with a powerful memory and a high-speed internet connection when they play online games. This will help them enjoy all the benefits of enhanced graphics developed by the online casinos.

An online slot machine is always a better option than the ones found in a land-based casino. This is because you don’t need to spend any time traveling to the casino or any other games parlor where such slot machines are available for playing. You are thus saving a large amount of time everyday. Also the time saved by you helps you be more refreshed and thus helps you concentrate better on any game you play on the online slot machine. Besides this you also can save a lot of cash which you would have spent on the gas consumed by your car while going to the land-based casino or buying drinks or food.

Online slot machines offer your better payouts too compared to the ones present at live casinos. You will be surprised to know that you can get a payback as high as 98% on many games. Besides this the bonuses offered by online slot machines found on a large number of online casinos are simply too good to resist. According to the experts, most online casinos offer very generous deposit bonuses. Thus you can play more games for the same amount of money.

Since online slot machines are a part of all online casinos, you automatically get a large number of tournaments on all websites. These tournaments offer an excellent opportunity to test your skills against other players and also help you increase your chances of winning. Smokers will happily note that they are free to smoke at home when they playing on online slot machine. Since it’s your home, no one can put any prohibitions on your smoking. A public place will generally have some restrictions on smoking.

Thus online slot machines are a must for every player who loves slots.